A Song In Your Heart

 Hello, again!  Thank you for this opportunity to share some thoughts from God’s word. I edited an older article, shared a year or so ago with some of my sisters, and I pray you find it useful as well. Thinking back in my earliest memory, I have an image of myself standing on the end of the pew at church, clutching a hymnal and singing, “Bringing in the cheese, Bringing in the cheese..." after everyone else had finished.    My childish mind changed the words to something I could understand.  I love cheese and had no idea what sheaves were, so I just made it so.  Next memory;  I’m standing on the floor behind the driver's seat of my parents old car.  We are flying down a dusty country road, and I’m belting out songs at the top of my voice, one after the other. . . Jesus Loves Me,  Count Your Many blessings, on and on I sang.   Fast forward to one more memory.  This one is during my college years.  I attended a youth rally in Seattle and I learned the 5th Psalm, verses 1-3,

Jesus Is the Answer

Long ago, on the day of our marriage, Rodger and I heard these words, “Jesus doesn’t just have the answers to life, He is the answer.” While many of the other words and memories have faded or been forgotten, that truth has stuck with me.   Life’s problems seek an answer. As Christians we are uniquely equipped with the answer. Now maybe I’m over simplifying this, but I don’t think so. We forget so often that heaven is our home and we should have the eyes of our hearts and minds set on that home.   In the meantime, we have to live in this old world. Sometimes it is sweet, and we press our lips to the heads of sweet babies and drink in the love and beauty of God’s creation. But then disaster strikes; that sweet baby has a rare disease, the love of our life is tragically taken away, our secure, recession-proof job is cut, our bank account shrivels or disappears, and on and on the disasters of life attack us, These disasters and troubles leave us reeling and stunned. If our hope is set on t

Finding God in the Mess

  Good morning!  I was encouraged to get back to blogging by circumstances.  It's a place to share thoughts, encouragement, inspiration, in the messiness of everyday life. Life doesn't always go according to plan.  That goes without saying, doesn't it?  My kids in the past jokingly called me "Captain Obvious."  I like to make sure that my point, no matter how transparent, ia acknowledged by those I'm speaking to.   Here we are, coming out of the mess of the pandemic, and life is not what we were expecting at this time.  If you, like me, thought that it would take weeks or even a few months, raise your hand!  I totally did not think that we'd still be using sneeze guards, wearing masks in public, and  'social distancing.'  But here we are, working our way to a new way of doing things.  Look around the world today.  It is spiraling out of control.  Even those we expect to uphold the foundations of moral and ethical behavior are setting a low-bar.  We


Change is inevitable.  Life is a journey and we cannot see the road ahead.  We plan, we plot, we strategize and organize.  Then some element changes, throwing the entire plan into chaos.   How we respond to that change makes all the difference in the outcome.  What happens when our well-thought out plan is no longer workable?  Do we throw up our hands and give up?  Do we lament and moan and weep over it?  Do we begin working on Plan B?  None of these is a 'wrong' answer as long as we don't get stuck in one too long.  How important is it for us to grieve the loss of our first plan?  It's important and necessary even to mourn for what isn't going to happen, or even the loss of what could be.   Rodger and I planned for me to be a 'stay-at-home mom.'  He never liked coming home to an empty house when he was a kid.  But I think that the stronger motivation was having one of us to be there for our children.  We planned on a family (I remember his idea was

To Mothers!

I know, you thought I wasn't coming back, didn't you?  :D I have to say, it's been a while since I had time to think about writing.  But I don't want to talk about me.  Today, I want to talk about Mom's.  Mother's Day isn't the only time we should remember the one who nurtured and loved us through childhood and beyond.  But it's a lovely time to highlight the joys and sorrows of motherhood; to be thankful for those who played this role, whether by birth or friendship! I'm thankful for a mother who modeled motherhood for me.  Some of my earliest memories of her, next to her ceaseless care of her family and her home, was her attention to Bible study and prayer. Mom would start the day with coffee (smart woman!) and then get her family out the door.  Then I remember her sitting down with her Bible, a pen, a notebook, a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast (she loved a vegie omelette with cheese.) That example made a huge impression on this girl.  I wis

When Life is Just Too Much

Recently I signed up for my first 5k.  I've been walking and running for about 10 years.  Some young friends talked me into trying it.  I started slow, and in my 'much older' sisters words, I just tapered off.   I decided I was never going to get faster and if I didn't try to finish a 5k now, I'd never do it.  I guess my impending 60th birthday is making me feel like I need to 'do' something;  something I can say, "I always wanted to do that!" So a few days a week I get my workout clothes, my 49ers cap to keep my curls out of my face, and turn on my Nike running app.  I don't always feel like doing it.  Sometimes I hurt, or I'm tired, or I just have too much to do.  I want to give up.  But when I make myself keep going. . . one foot in front of the other, tired legs or not, ragged breathe.  I always feel better at the end.  I know that powering through the difficulties will make it worth it in the end. This made me think on my walk t

Another Moving Experience

"Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. And teach them to your children and your grandchildren, "   ~ Deuteronomy 4:9 ~ I'll be honest.  It's been hard to write lately.  Bursts of inspiration seem to come at the most ackward times.  We have been adjusting to our new home and we love it.  But the emphasis is on 'adjusting.'  No matter the circumstances, it is not easy to move a family even a short distance.  My mom used to said she preferred a good long move over short ones. The mental and physical preparations made it easier for her. I have to agree.  Even though we moved less than 100 miles, I had no idea where we would land, so the preparation, while a little stressful, was neater this way.  I was packing like we were moving to Timbuktu (and for those who are curious, yes, I checked that spelling and it's a real place!)