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Confronting Our Failures

"By confronting our failures, we come closer to reaching perfection."

~Scott Beare

This is the first I've heard of this motivational speaker, but his quote says volumes about life in general. I'd like to make an application to our Christian walk as well. We cannot hope to ignore our failures and think we will show Christ to the world. The disconnect between our walk and our conversation will be apparent to those around us. We cannot possibly hope to challenge the world, even if we speak the truth, if we don't live it.
Now I realize that we all make mistakes, sometimes even choose to do wrong. But facing those failures, asking God's forgiveness (and those we have wronged) and seeking His help, we can move closer to the perfection that is only available through Christ. As the following scripture states, we have work to do, and I would challenge you to not neglect it, even at your busiest times!
Now, I know this is not pleasant work. But it is necessary. God …