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Change is inevitable.  Life is a journey and we cannot see the road ahead.  We plan, we plot, we strategize and organize.  Then some element changes, throwing the entire plan into chaos.  

How we respond to that change makes all the difference in the outcome.  What happens when our well-thought out plan is no longer workable?  Do we throw up our hands and give up?  Do we lament and moan and weep over it?  Do we begin working on Plan B?  None of these is a 'wrong' answer as long as we don't get stuck in one too long.  How important is it for us to grieve the loss of our first plan?  It's important and necessary even to mourn for what isn't going to happen, or even the loss of what could be.  
Rodger and I planned for me to be a 'stay-at-home mom.'  He never liked coming home to an empty house when he was a kid.  But I think that the stronger motivation was having one of us to be there for our children.  We planned on a family (I remember his idea was maybe 2 o…