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Group Hug!

Some days are just like that.  I need a hug; not just a little, "Nice to see you," hug, but a big, giant, "You are loved. We need you," hug.

My heart has been heavy recently over the state of the world.  How many make blithe promises to 'get closer to God' then never carry through.  Others are on a headlong dash to destruction.  Sadder still, so many in the church seem to be on this same downward dive.  There is little desire to separate ourselves from the world and be different.  No one wants to stand out.  Everyone wants to 'blend in,' to be part of the crowd.   We have the white-faced cow mentality. . . find those who are like us and mingle.

I hear the same sermons everyone else does as the gospel is preached, plain and true.  Yet, after the singing of the invitation song, we file out, to do the same things we did last week.  No change in behavior, direction, walk.

Jesus came to the world, born to a poor, pious woman and her hard-working husband…