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To Mothers!

I know, you thought I wasn't coming back, didn't you?  :D I have to say, it's been a while since I had time to think about writing.  But I don't want to talk about me.  Today, I want to talk about Mom's.  Mother's Day isn't the only time we should remember the one who nurtured and loved us through childhood and beyond.  But it's a lovely time to highlight the joys and sorrows of motherhood; to be thankful for those who played this role, whether by birth or friendship!

I'm thankful for a mother who modeled motherhood for me.  Some of my earliest memories of her, next to her ceaseless care of her family and her home, was her attention to Bible study and prayer. Mom would start the day with coffee (smart woman!) and then get her family out the door.  Then I remember her sitting down with her Bible, a pen, a notebook, a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast (she loved a vegie omelette with cheese.)

That example made a huge impression on this girl.  I wish this example is the one I set for my children.  Do they see me open my Bible?  Do I just say Bible study is important, or do they see study?  Do I just say that prayer is important or do they hear and see me pray?

Right now I'm teaching a teen girls training class.  We are learning to make our own Bible lessons from God's word.  I tell the girls I don't expect anything from them I don't expect from myself.  I try to be open, clear, transparent with my own struggles and actions.  I hope in doing so, I present the need to read God's word, to study, to memorize to know God through His written word  as an act of grateful love and humility.

I hope you have women in your life to honor, not only this weekend, but always.  Those who not only nurtured your bodies and minds, but your souls.  Honor those who encouraged you to love God;  to study, to pray, to get to know Him.    

Take time to remember them.  Thank God today for them, then determine to be one of them.  Look for those women around you who need inspiration.  Young mothers need a helping hand.  Be the one who gives it.  Even if it's just a few minutes during a sermon to help the preacher's wife, or the single mom who needs a helping hand.  Be a listening ear for the sorrowful.  Be the smile some young mom needs.

Last of all, pray for the mothers and look for opportunities to bless the Mom's around you, young and old.  A note, a call, a smile, a prayer may make a huge difference for them today!


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