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What Makes You Smile?

This morning, one of the sales blogs I follow asked this question. He went on to explain how attitude can make or break your sales. It isn't just about a good gimmick, or sales pitch. He used as illustration his delightful one year old daughter, who is happy to just 'be.' She spreads sunshine just by enjoying her little world.
Just so, attitude can make or break our influence in every aspect of our life. We know that circumstances can make us unhappy, cranky, even belligerant. If we do not have a heart full of joy and gratitude, we can become selfish and demanding. I sometimes feel obligated to be angry and upset, because the world is just not a nice place. I begin to think I have a right to react negatively to it's rough and tumble treatment.
But I find that is not what Christ wants from me. As His child, He asks me to supercede my selfish wants and desires. He asks me to act, not react, to the world. I don't mean that I am putting on a performance. It …

When In Doubt, Breathe

Some years ago, my dr. noticed I was very tense and suggested, "When in doubt, breathe!" I laughed and relaxed.
At times of tension and stress in the years following, I have remembered those 4 simple words.Sometimes I have to consciously stop holding my breath and take the next breath. It's a simple act, but it helps to clear my foggy brain. Fresh air and fresh thoughts begin to fill my head and I can clearly see the next step.
Once I can think, I am able to hear God as He directs my steps.
Proverbs 16:9 "The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps."

My Daughter My Sister

Sunday night following our visit with the Lonestar congregation, our youngest daughter tapped her father's shoulder. He thought she would say she was getting hungry, as it was late and we hadn't eaten supper yet. But she surprised him by saying, 'Dad, I want to be baptized.' He came to get me and I burst out crying . . . tears of joy, but also of surprise. She has always been aware of things more than many her age, but I was not expecting this. We try hard, being a minister's family, not to push our children beyond their years, and yet, it is inevitable that she would hear and think on the spiritual things. That, indeed, has been one of our goals. I said long ago that if I entered heaven and did not find my own children there, I would have failed my mission in life. As a mother, my first and foremost goal is to bring my children up to love God and honor him with their lives. I can't make that happen, of course, but I can guide, teach, admonish and ooin…
Proverbs 14:23
In all
labor there is profit,But mere talk leads only to poverty.
It is awesome to find that much of conventional wisdom is based on Biblical teaching. When we kids were young and would whine about the hard work my mother gave us to do, she would always say, "Hard work never killed anyone." End of discussion, get back to work! :o) Everything at our house was done the old fashioned way; from scratch. Cakes did not come out of boxes or from the bakery. Meals were made from individual ingredients and always included jars of fruits and vegies we had put up ourselves. We appreciated what we had because we not only put those fruits and vegies up ourselves, but often picked, dug or cut them first. I have always loved asparagus, and let me tell you, cutting those things in a dusty field, at the end of an already hot summer day was no picnic! But oh, did it taste delicious when we pulled them out of the freezer the next winter. We were thankful for the good food …