Proverbs 14:23
In all
labor there is profit,But mere talk leads only to poverty.

It is awesome to find that much of conventional wisdom is based on Biblical teaching. When we kids were young and would whine about the hard work my mother gave us to do, she would always say, "Hard work never killed anyone." End of discussion, get back to work! :o) Everything at our house was done the old fashioned way; from scratch. Cakes did not come out of boxes or from the bakery. Meals were made from individual ingredients and always included jars of fruits and vegies we had put up ourselves. We appreciated what we had because we not only put those fruits and vegies up ourselves, but often picked, dug or cut them first. I have always loved asparagus, and let me tell you, cutting those things in a dusty field, at the end of an already hot summer day was no picnic! But oh, did it taste delicious when we pulled them out of the freezer the next winter. We were thankful for the good food at our table. There was a tinge of pride in ownership of the effort it took to put it there in the first place.

Today many have an attitude of entitlement. Often we hear, "You owe me!" But whether we learned this from our parents or grandparents or not, God has set the standard that we as Christians are accountable for. We need to read and study so that we know God and what He requires of us. He created us and knows us intimately. He wants us to be content in serving Him. If we will put aside our own pride and self-sufficiency, He will see that we are content in living within His will.

Thank you to my dear friend Penny Browning for the lovely picture of her growing pantry!


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