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Of all the things I've chosen to do, mothering has been my heart from the time I was small.  I always wanted to be a wife and mother.  I remember telling my own mom, that I wanted to grow up to be just like her.  Nothing more, nothing less.
Oh, there were times I wanted to be other things.  Life circumstances would motivate me to investigate nursing, physical therapy, teaching, even midwifery.
But looking back, none brought the satisfaction as did mothering my own children.  It was something I believe God planted in my heart and brought about.  It is something that has brought me great frustration, but once you set out on this road, there is no turning back.  I have had to slog on when I was tired, frustrated, disappointed, unprepared.
There have been times of deep sorrow and pain.  Experiencing miscarriage a few times made me empathize with others who experienced lose.  Then losing the baby boy we so longed for and nurtured through difficult early days and months was almost mo…

Working Together in the Body

I had the privilege last night of sitting in my husbands Bible class.  They are studying Exodus, chapter 17 to be exact.  As Moses is leading them to the land of Promise, they encounter the Amaleks.  Joshua is enlisted to lead the fighters while Moses climbs far above the battle with two others to rally the troops when they falter.  As long as Moses keeps his staff held high, the Israelites prevail.  But his arms grow weary and as he lowers them to rest, the Amaleks advance against the Hebrew children.  

A solution is found in the two men who have climbed the hill with him.  Aaron and Hur find a large stone for him to sit on and they stand on either side to hold his hands steady as he continues to grip the staff for all to see.  The Israelite army takes heart at the sight and are victorious.

There are many lessons we might find here.  But the one which struck me last night was the fellowship of these men.  One man, the mighty Moses, chosen by God to lead his children to their new home, …