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Travel directions

I am currently in route to Washington State.  Plans are for me to stay a few weeks to help our eldest child with her family while she settles into her new role with the National Guard.  My dear husband and I prayed and talked about what we could do as grandparents and this is one thing we felt would benefit the boys as they adjust also.

Many times in our married life (we just celebrated our 32nd anniversary) we have had to adjust to new direction.  We met in the small church of Christ in a tiny mountain town in California where he worked in radio and I was the new school teacher.  I smile as I remember those early days of shyness and uncertainty.  Little did we know when we committed to one another that hot day in June where the road would take us.

We could not have begun to imagine the places or experiences we would visit. He eventually left radio to begin training for pulpit ministry.  God blessed us with children. He also blessed us with loss, not only of a much-wanted child, but a…