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Let us hold fast the confession ofourhope without wavering, for He who promisedisfaithful. Hebrews 10:23

We know that God speaks to us through His word.  But have you ever heard that 'still small voice' nudging you when you begin to doubt?  Let me assure you, it just takes a little of that doubt to settle in and soon the mind becomes  paralyzed by fear.

 I was privileged to hear a Ladies Day speaker a few weeks ago who challenged me in my weakness. "I want to leave you with two words today, "Trust Me."  She reminded us of what God had already said, but my own thoughts drowned out.  I shared a few of her thoughts with my husband, but left this one out. Maybe I was feeling guilty over my lack of trust and faith.  I don't know.  But Sunday evening I heard him say, "God is telling us, 'Trust Me.'"   It made me squirm!  I knew I was being reminded that I was wavering and needed this reminder!  Again, the next day, someone or something reminded me …