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I promised to write more and here I am, 5 weeks later!  My sis has a saying, "I start out slow and then I taper off. . . " Yes, I have had trips and Bible classes and then a visit from/with my Marine and his family. . . .so sad to watch them leave after such a short visit.  And California seems so far away!  But I promised not to make excuses this year.  :)
One thing we share with our children that will make the time here on earth worth it is our relationship in Christ.  I wrote last time that God is about relationships.
The first and most important one is our's to Him.  He made it  possible through the blood of His Son Jesus for us to return to Him.  
How do we do that?   I would suggest that we begin by reading the words of our Maker.  If we want the best performance out of our cars, we read the owner's manual.  When we want healthy babies we read books on pregnancy, child-birth and raising children.  So when we want a healthy relationship with God, we need to go t…