What Makes You Smile?

This morning, one of the sales blogs I follow asked this question. He went on to explain how attitude can make or break your sales. It isn't just about a good gimmick, or sales pitch. He used as illustration his delightful one year old daughter, who is happy to just 'be.' She spreads sunshine just by enjoying her little world.

Just so, attitude can make or break our influence in every aspect of our life. We know that
circumstances can make us unhappy, cranky, even belligerant. If we do not have a heart full of joy and gratitude, we can become selfish and demanding. I sometimes feel obligated to be angry and upset, because the world is just not a nice place. I begin to think I have a right to react negatively to it's rough and tumble treatment.

But I find that is not what Christ wants from me. As His child, He asks me to supercede my selfish wants and desires. He asks me to act, not react, to the world. I don't mean that I am putting on a performance. It is a fountain that begins in the heart. If He is planted in the center ofmy soul, the fruit of that will appear. I can either respond to the negative around me with the love and mercy first given by God through Christ, or I can react in the outpouring of negative actions and words.

No one can't fake it. Not for long. The true self will eventually be evident.

What is growing inside your heart?


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