Savoring the moments

Sometimes we are so focused on the future or a result of some work, that we fail to enjoy the present. It is with difficulty that we slow down to see the smaller moments and treasure the little things like the color of the lingering fall flowers, the smell of the earth after the rain, or the touch of a loved ones hand.

Lately I've been so focused on when and where we will end up, that I've forgotten to appreciate the here and now. But in my haste to be somewhere, I've forgotten the precious gift of the present.

God is able to wrap wonderful gifts up in the strangest paper sometimes. Rodger's joblessness this past 6 weeks has given us opportunity to spend time with our son and his wife. Their gracious sharing of their home has given us the time to get to know our daughter-in-law better and to be of service to them as well. The time spent eating together, running an errand, scrubbing a floor or straightening a room has been a blessing to all of us.

I know that Rodger has enjoyed going to Michael's soccer practices, playing fantasy football with his youngest son and following the Giants progress through the season. We will miss these things later, but each season has it's blessings, and we thank God for a little time to share them together.

We continue to look forward to what God has planned for us and anticipate our settling in a new home and work. In the meantime, God has blessed us with hidden treasures that we did not look for, but He continues to shower down.


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