God Walks Among Us

“I will walk among you and be your God, and you shall be My people.

I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt,

that you should not be their slaves;
I have broken the bands of your yoke and made you walk upright.”

Lev. 26:12-13

This passage brought to mind a book I read years ago in which the writer urged us to live in constant communion with God. This writer helped me see my relationship with God in a new light. It is not to be relegated to set times, but practiced in a daily walk; one that needs my absolute attention moment by moment. It is a joyful, thankful journey alongside Him. It was a turning point in my already strong commitment to live a life dedicated to my God and Savior.

If we have obeyed His word, God frees us, not from the land of Egypt, but from slavery to sin. Live in joyful gratitude for the wonderful gift and the promise of eternal life. He walks alongside us each step of the way to our eternal home.


  1. Your post reminds me of the poem "Footprints" or "Footprints in the Sand". Not only does he walk beside us but sometimes he carries us!

    Nice thought.


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