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Today we visited at two nursing homes in town. It is always a pleasure, because, no matter how we sound, someone claps, or at least thanks us for coming. They are not applauding our beautiful singing. They just love having us come, sing songs they remember and maybe share an encouraging word, a pat on the back or hold their hand for a moment. The cookies are an added treat, but I think even without them they would love our visits.
This time, we had our 2 eldest grandson's with us and that was the best. These older people who may not see many but their elder companions at the home, see these little faces and want to talk to them, to hold their hands. The boys were good to shake hands, say thank you for all the compliments and the four year old even helped to pass out treats.
Most of those greetings brought smiles. But I saw a few sad faces, looks of rememberance of their days when their own children and grandchildren were small, and the knowledge that they now might not come around much was on my mind.
One lady shared this with me, "When they are young, they step on your toes. When they are old, they step on your heart."
It is hard to go, sometimes, to visit with those I do not really know, to listen to them talk about others I don't know.
Then I remember that one day I, too, will be old. I may be somewhere I don't want to be. Who will come to see me? Who will listen to my oft' told stories? I would like to think that I do what I can today, and plant the seeds of serving in my children and grandchildren. I hope that they will learn the lesson of true Christian living. I hope they will live by the example that was set before them. There is a Latin phrase I like, "Princeps Exemplar;" lead by example. I hope that is the inheritance I leave for my children.
Thank you for taking time to read today!


  1. I love your posts Denise. I really enjoyed this one because I have cared for many other people throughout the years and hoped my example too would pass on. You just never know. ;o)

  2. I believe actions speak volumes and you may never know the extent to which those actions have influenced others to good works!


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