More On Love and Legalism (and maybe a little on the Imitation of Christ as well.)

While I do not want to give the idea that we are 'throwing out' the checklist, actually It never was there. It is a misconception of what God demands of us. Yes, call it 'demand', or 'require' but the choice of what to do for our salvation is not up to us. He never asked our opinion, or what made us 'happy' or 'comfortable' as some of the words I hear thrown about.

He is the great Creator. He made us. He *knows* us inside out. He knows the very thought and intents of our hearts (please read Hebrews 4:11-13 in context of course.) Who better to set the standard? Yes, it guides us. The struggle is not really in understanding this, so much as letting go of preconceived ideas that are 'extra-Biblical'. True understanding comes from God alone, and that through our study of His word, the only source of truth. In the beginning of Hebrews, the writer, inspired by God, tells us that at one time, He spoke to the fathers through the prophets, but today through His Son (Hebrews 1:1-2.) And the only accurate record of Him is in the Holy Scriptures. It is through a thorough and diligent study of this record that we will truly know Him.

In looking deeply, diligently, into the word of God, we begin to know and understand Him. (Refer once again to Hebrews 4:11.) Interestingly, the scholarly word for this diligent study of scripture, exegesis, means to lead or guide out of (the word.) Simply put, we do not set the set the standard by which we approach our Maker. He has done that for us. We need only become familiar with it by daily walking 'in the light, as he is in the light.' (I John 1:7) If we want to imitate Christ, in truth, we must be diligent, persistent, and patient in our pursuit of knowing Him.

I guess this is a little about both love and legalism AND the imitation of Christ. How can we best imitate someone without spending much time listening to their words and thoughts? Ultimately, that can only happen through God's word.

May your pursuit of Christ be in truth and complete abandon of self and worldliness. Someone once said that a famous artist was asked how he carved out such a life-like lion. His response was, "Simply cut away everything that is not the lion." Like that artist, let us cut away all that is not Christ-like as we become daily more and more like the image of Him.


  1. Thank You! I loved this! :o) (((HUGS)))

  2. Thank you to those who have posted your comments. . . I take them to heart and try to share from mine and from the heart of the word. ((hugs)) back!


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