Home Is Where The Heart Is

Recently I hosted a tasting party at my home.  We were chatting about this and that and someone asked me, "Where is your home?"  It is a common question, but one that made me stop and think.  I quickly smiled and said, "Why, here!"  But later I thought how that answer missed the whole point I wished I had made.

First of all was the inquirer's intent.  The questioner meant,  'Where are you from?' in recognition that I wasn't 'from here.'  Since everyone within 10 miles knows we are new to our present home and work it was an honest question.  We ask our new neighbors or acquaintances where they are from in an attempt to gain information about where they were born, raised, and where their family is established.

Many thoughts ran through my head as I quickly answered.  First, my family and my husband's family are scattered from coast to coast.  My parents are not homeowners, and so they don't have a permanent address.  I also consider the idea of my husband and children as my family and 'home.'

Later on I also pondered on the belief that my spiritual family is my true family.  We share an eternal bond through Christ Jesus. The conclusion I come to now is that this earthly existence is temporary.    My real home is not the USA, although I love Kentucky and the beauty of this earth.  My hope, my aim, my joy lies in heaven, where Jesus has prepared an ever-lasting home for me.

"Home is where the heart is," is often quoted.  Where is your heart today?  Is it longing for the acceptance and love of family?  Do we recognize that this longing was place within us by a tender and kind God Who wants us to search for Him?  Only in Him will we find the peace and contentment of true family and home we are looking for.

I see many searching.   They try to fix the longing and fill the emptiness by using people, things or  philosophies instead of turning to the One who created them.  He knows just what we need to be complete and truly 'at home.'

Praying that your search ends at the feet of Jesus!


  1. Wow, this is outstanding! I happened to click on your blog link from your recent post on COCHSers and as we just moved to IA from MO (after being there for 17 years) it was especially timely for me! Thank you, Denise! :)


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