Comfort and Delight in God's Word

In the multitude of my anxieties within me,
Your comforts delight my soul. ~ Psalm 94:19

Take time, if you will, to read this entire Psalm.  It is only 23 verses.  When we watch the news we see the world hurting the innocent and helpless. . . man's inhumanity to man.  But sadly, we can look closer to home.   Even in our lives, we have had or will have times of testing and trial at the hands of the world.  We wonder if God is watching, caring. Will He save?

What comforts does God give us?  Let me list a few from this psalm:  
  • He is our Avenger, verse 1; 
  • He is our Judge, verse 2; 
  • He hears, sees, instructs, corrects, and knows our thoughts, verses 9,10 and 11. 
  • We are blessed by His instruction, verse 12;  
  • We have rest, verse 13; 
  • He will not cast us off (away), verse 14; 
  • the upright in heart will receive a proper judgement, verse 15;
  • The Lord is my help, verse 17;
  • He gives us mercy, verse 18;
  • The Lord is our defense, our stronge refuge, vs. 22;
  • He will cut off the wicked, vs. 23.

A more thorough study will reveal more, but these give us ample fuel to light the fires of delight within us.  Fan the flames today.  Find delight in God's word and find the comfort you desire from the One who made you!


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