Another Moving Experience

"Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. And teach them to your children and your grandchildren, "  
~ Deuteronomy 4:9 ~

I'll be honest.  It's been hard to write lately.  Bursts of inspiration seem to come at the most ackward times.  We have been adjusting to our new home and we love it.  But the emphasis is on 'adjusting.'  No matter the circumstances, it is not easy to move a family even a short distance.  My mom used to said she preferred a good long move over short ones. The mental and physical preparations made it easier for her. I have to agree.  Even though we moved less than 100 miles, I had no idea where we would land, so the preparation, while a little stressful, was neater this way.  I was packing like we were moving to Timbuktu (and for those who are curious, yes, I checked that spelling and it's a real place!)  

But, finally, here I am, sharing a small bit of knowledge and encouraging you on your own journey home.  

Now that its beginning to feel like home,  I am leaving for 2 weeks.  I volunteered to ride along with my middle son and his family on their trek to relocate to Phoenix as part of a church-planting team.  Now, moving isn't one of my top ten favorite activities.  The good Lord knows we've had more than our fair share of them.  But having the opportunity to help my children and spend some quality time in the car with 2 preschoolers was just irresistible!   Hour upon hour of "Kids Sing" dvds or "Cowboy Mickey" tapes and stretching over the seats to retrieve fallen toys or food?  I mean, you'd go in a heartbeat, right?

But you know what, even with all the crumbs I know I'll comb out of my hair each night and the endless readings of "Thomas the Train" books, I wouldn't miss this for the world! If my grandchildren (and their parents) remember anything, I hope it is this:  I'd throw myself on a sword for them.  Not because I have one, but because throwing myself in front of the moving truck, crying my eyes out and begging them to stay is just so . . . selfish.  

I want them to know I love them, but sobbing and begging wont make my point.  I want them to know the love of the Lord even more.  I'm letting them go (as if I had a choice) because they are going to share the gospel with the lost and because I know that wherever they live, they are going to be the light of Christ in a dark world.  If my storytime with them must be over Skype or FaceTime so be it, because someone else needs them more than I do.  It just means that my special times with them must be more creative.  I don't plan to drop out of their lives because of the miles between us, but it will just challenge me to find special ways to stay connected.

I take seriously the words of God.  In the beginning of this blog, I copied a verse from Deuteronomy which gives a command.  That was not directly to me, but to the Israelite people as they began their covenant relationship with the Almighty God.  I don't live under the Mosaic Law, as it is sometimes referred to, but God has not changed and I think He left some things to us for our learning.  This is still a good idea today.  Be diligent in remembering who we serve.  Don't forget the many wonders of this God we serve.  Treasure His wonders and words in our hearts.  Teach them to our children and our grandchildren.  

We think because we didn't bring them into the world that our job is over?  God thought it important enough to tell the Israelites to teach the next two generations His law. He knew how easily it can be forgotten.  I'm not sure how many times I've read the words. . .". . then there grew up a generation who knew not God. . . " but it always chills me to see it printed out.  We as grandmothers (and grandfathers) must carry the flame.  We must tend it with all our being so that the faith we carry in us is carried on in our children and grandchildren.  What a beautiful heritage!

 I think we can move that forward a few thousand years and say, "Yes, I think that it's fun to spoil the grands, but more important, lets teach them to love God and follow Him all their days."  I think we do that by diligent study of His word, pondering on it, living by it.  Our example teaches more than any words.  But use those too!  

Thanks for checking in on your errant friend. . . 

May your light never dim, until you leave this journey, to find your final destination!  


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