Beauty of Autumn

Genesis 8:22
"While the earth remains,Seedtime and harvest,
And cold and heat,And summer and winter,
And day and night Shall not cease."

I just love Fall. It is my favorite time of year. Not only is the earth a riot of color, but the special times with family are nearly here. I just love the crisp air, the bright clear skies. I love the rainy days as well; the soft patter of the drops as they soak the soil and clean up the atmosphere.

Autumn also reminds me that God has promised the cycles of the seasons, and He does it with such artistry! With the tilt of the earth, even the sunlight changes the way things look; shadows and light appear sharper, more brilliant. It amazes me how each detail, even the way leaf and acorn fall to the earth, becomes a work of art.

He never fails to keep his promise whether we remember Him or not. But don't forget to stop and and be thankful for the beauty that surrounds you. And then thank Him for his faithful attendance to the seasons, year after year. Whether we noticed or not.


  1. Great reminders! I enjoy reading your thoughts~


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