Victim or Victorious?

First of all, where did September go???  I intend to blog at least once a month but this past 30 days simply escaped me. When I write, I pray it to will be something you are glad you took the time to stop, read and consider.

This past year, I took a challenge from a  friend  to post one "thankful"  each day for 30 days.  Then I just kept going.  I know I have missed some days, but have tried earnestly to keep it going all year.  

It is so easy to forget what we have to be thankful for and begin to complain, to whine, to grumble about the negatives.  There are many and some must be dealt with. Pretty soon, we are down, discouraged and just grumpy!  However,  many situations are beyond our control. I have tried to practice true belief in the Word. This past year has been one of learning what actions and situations are mine to own and what belong to others. We can and should learn to set boundaries and limits.  It is not only healthy, but I believe Biblical.  Otherwise, we will spend our lives spinning our wheels, stuck in the same old rut.  Stuck in the past.  We will never truly enjoy the victory of overcoming our sin or the hurts hurled at us by others.

Today I choose to be thankful for the glorious gift of life in Jesus Christ.  I choose *not* to be a victim of past injustices or hurts. I look forward with a heart full of gratitude and thanksgiving  to a gift far above my of surpassing mercy and grace.  Because God, through Christ, loved us enough to send the only One through which we can find eternal salvation.


  1. Being stuck in the past is a horrible trap! Being thankful each day helps drag you out!


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