Choosing Our Path

Wow!  It has been months since I last blogged. . . not that there haven't been many ideas rattling around in my head. . . .but October has come and gone and then November . . . December and January is now quickly fading.

It was recently brought to my attention, that all things are not under my control.  It is time to let go of those things and people that are going in other directions.  I have a path to my heavenly home that needs tending. . .and a sweet young daughter I want to guide along that path.  Opportunities are frequent right now to share godly wisdom and spiritual knowledge. We find ourselves laughing and even crying over some common joy or earthly hurt.  It's a great time to hear what is on her mind.  She is one of those rare kids who seem to 'get' things that people years older than she don't seem to understand.  I feel privileged to be her mom.  It's a special honor.

Let me add: I was *not* one of those rare kids, but rather a late bloomer.  But I do not remember a time I did not want to live for God or walk in His ways.  Yes, there were times I took side roads and even got off the path into the weeds and brambles. . . .those were difficult times, times I want to forget.  Thankfully, God in His great plan provided a way to pay  for those side-trips.  Yes, I'm saying I chose to sin, but He provided the path through Jesus' blood for me to find redemption and salvation.  It was a terrible price, however,  and it grieves me when I think about it.

But how grateful I am that He catches me when I stumble and fall, that He does not remember the sins of my youth (or the sometimes foolishness of my old age.)  I am thankful to have heard a great sermon Sunday morning on the grace of God.  When taken in context with what we need to do, it encompasses those who are safe in Jesus.  Grace does not act alone, but God grants us mercy and grace when He offers us salvation.  But there are things we must do, not to earn salvation, but to accept it, not on basis of our works, but in giving our faith obedient legs.

So, tie on your walking shoes! Let's explore the path of righteousness together, as we focus on heaven's road.


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