Life's An Adventure!

Today stands as our two week mark. In two Wednesdays, Rodger will give his last devotional at our loving congregation. We will, most likely, store our household goods until we find a more permanent home. In the meanwhile, Michael and Emily have offered their home to us and our youngest daughters. Little did we know 4 months ago that we would land, even temporarily, 20 miles away! I feel somewhat like Sarah of old when her dear husband announced that they are moving - - but all he could tell her was that they would know 'where' when they got there. :o) (Gen.12:1)
So, in the words of my dear friend Joyce, "Enjoy the journey!" I believe I have two choices on this journey, kick and scream or look forward to the adventure. Now, I'll let you in on a secret; I've done a little of both! There are days I want to know if the curtains are going to fit. Should I take that extra dresser or sell it at the yard sale? Do I pack the boots in a box or put them in my suitcase? So many decisions to be made, the wisdom of which will only be known in the future.

So, like Sarah of old, I make those important decisions not knowing where we will land. I'll do my best to pack the important items and leave behind those which will only weigh us down.
And I'll do my best to look upward, remembering that God has promised to care for us and bless us!


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