I was reading a bit on the Barna web page about the millennial departure from the church and one statement stood out. The need for mentors. And not preacher or elder mentors necessarily, but faithful men and women who can take a young person by the hand and show them how important and how relevant belonging to Christ's body is. 

We've got to take responsibility for our young people. Think about what we put emphasis on throughout the year. Good grades, getting to sports events, going to prom, getting graduated, going to the right college, getting a good job, finding yourself, getting married, having kids, the list goes on. But where is the church? How are young people supposed to know how important their faith in God and their involvement in the church is when we've cluttered their lives with all this other stuff that's just going to burn up in the end? What are they seeing in our lives? Are we dedicated to the Lord more than one hour on Sunday morning? Do we find our niche in the church and serve others? How can we expect the young people to want to belong if we're not showing them the dedication ourselves? 

Invite a young person to come with you when you serve! Don't just assume they're too busy! My two are inundated with opportunities to serve, and we try to encourage it as much as possible. Young people need to know they're needed. And they should know it's important to be involved. 

I would love to go on with more on this track, but I'm sure you've got other posts you'd like to read. Thanks for your time. 

Thank you to Judy Preston for letting me share her thoughts here today!


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