A Believable God

As we make our way towards heaven, it requires copious amounts of faith.  It is this faith which not only sustains us, but fuels us, and prepares our way into heaven. Hebrews 11:6 states that ". . . without faith it is impossible to please Him. . . ."  Pleasing God is my dearest desire, without which my life is an aimless ship adrift on the ocean of time and space.

Tomorrow morning, Rodger and I are putting our faith into the hands of an eye surgeon as he undergoes a refractive lensectomy on his right eye.  We trust in the doctors skill to do the job with mastery and excellence.  But we don't blindly do this.  We know that the surgeons at this center have a good reputation.  They have many years of combined experience and success to bolster our confidence in them.

Our faith in God is no less based on blind faith, but on the recorded deeds of our God.  The Bible is full of His promises, kept.  He never waivered in doing what He said, whether it was in response to faithful living, or discipline of His chosen people.

Not only is God's hand seen in the events of the Bible, but His reliability is seen in creation.  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, each faithfully follows one another throughout the years.  There is variation in their character, some are warmer, some are colder, wetter, drier, stormier, and on and on, but they do come without fail.  The sun is always there, whether we see it or feel it's heat.  The moon continues to orbit our earth, night after night.

These things, big and little help me believe in a God Who is Himself believable, reliable, trustworthy and faithful.  My faith is built on those things I can judge.  Even though I cannot feel Him, see Him or hear Him, I know by the record of those who did that He is.  I believe because the complexity and wonderful design nature speaks to a Creator.

So my life depends, not on whether God answers our prayers in the way we want tomorrow.  But on His faithfulness in doing what is best.  He sees the big picture.  I know that no matter the specific outcome that He will faithfully keep us and love us.  He will care for us until we do see Him face to face.

The journey continues;  sometimes over rocky ground, sometimes smooth.  But no matter, His hand guides and steadies.  It picks me up when I fall because He is totally dependable and believable.


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